More About the Reliable Services I Offer

To ensure the stability, quality, and longevity of your building’s foundation, BFP Brothers Foundation Plastering LLC is the company to call. Offering reliable services since 2002, my company has completed numerous projects to the complete satisfaction of my clients. My services are available at fair and competitive rates to commercial and residential clients in Salt Lake City, UT. Turn to me for the following services:

Residential Plastering Service

Residential Plastering Service

Foundation Plastering

Plastering your home’s foundation has many benefits. It can enhance the visual appeal of your property and provide protection from water damage, rot, fungus, and insects. I utilize high-quality plaster which can withstand wet, dry, and freezing weather conditions, as well as thawing. The repairs I conduct will be seamless and conducive to a more visually-appealing building.

Foundation Crack Repair

There are many reasons concrete and foundations might crack. Most commonly, it is due to poor compaction beneath the foundation, ground movement, and frost heave. These cracks in the foundation are unsightly and can pose a potential danger to the overall structural stability of the building. Using the appropriate techniques and materials, I can perform reliable repairs on your building’s foundation in a timely manner. I perform each service by the book and work to ensure both greater stability, functionality, and visual appeal of the foundations I repair.

Residential Plastering

With the right tools, materials, and plastering experience, I can conduct quality renovation and repair work on drywall and ceilings. Competent plastering can seamlessly cover cracks and other imperfections. I will focus on details and work with a lot of precision to produce effective and visually-appealing results. With the quality materials I use, the repairs will be long-lasting. Using a variety of pigments and textures, I can customize the plaster finish to match the aesthetic of your building.

Have an experienced professional repair your home’s foundation by setting up an appointment with BFP Brothers Foundation Plastering LLC at your convenience. Call (801) 224-8727 for bookings, free estimates, and to discuss the details of your upcoming project. Available throughout Salt Lake City, UT, I look forward to being of assistance to each new client. I await your call!

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